We handle the bureaucracy.

You just have to focus on the business.

Time is running and you don't have much time left to handle the paperwork? That's what we are here for... Get to know our services.

Accounting services

Are you setting up your business and need accounting services?

Your company's financial and accounting information needs have increased?

Would you like to know what to do in order to form and register your business?

That is precisely our job - to facilitate information on the company's situation, making it legible and useful in order to assist you and your business in the decision-making process.

Tax advisory


Do you often receive unexpected tax notifications?

Our job includes providing updated tax schedules, ascertainment of taxes and contributions expected and preparation of tax statements.

We work in anticipation and help preparing and implementing legal means to increase tax and tax payment efficiency.

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Human Resources


People are the key point of organizations. Your concern is to motivate them.

On our part, you have the guarantee of correct and timely salary processing, as well as the fulfilment of all the obligations regarding filling official statements.


We also offer advice on both hiring and termination of work relations, through incentive measures available as regards hiring and management of employment contracts.


Counselling for Non-habitual Residents



Do you need advice on taxes and contributions in Portugal?

Do you know the tax system and relevant obligations and would you like to some clarification and answers to your questions? 

We are here to help - we support you by answering your questions and planning the actions arising from your decision to settle in Portugal. We have experience in assisting our clients who have decided to live in Portugal.